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The best translation Apps for world travelers

What type of traveler are you? Do you travel predominantly to places where you can get around and be served relatively well in your own language? Do you travel with organized tours where language isn’t so much an issue because you have a guide to help with that? Or, do you venture past the beaten paths and take a chance you might not be understood where you’re going?

If you’re the last 2 groups, you definitely need a translation App for your smartphone. If you are in the 1st group, it might come in handy at times. Even if you can get service in English almost everywhere you go, the mother tongue may be something else. You may want to read signs or understand what someone is saying in another langue.

Among the best apps to translate languages are Google Translator, Microsoft Translator, Translate Voice, TripLingo, TextGrabber, WayGo, and Papago.

Of course, each individual app ad its own value-added features. Some translate up to 113 languages in a variety of methods:

  • Type to translate
  • Full-text translation
  • Real-time video translation
  • Camera mode
  • Speech-to-translate
  • Handwriting translation
  • Text to speech
  • Offline text-to-speech

All depending on where you are planning to go, and how you plan to use it, one of these apps is right for you.

The following infographic was originally posted on Daily Infographic on Nov.20th 2018

Translation Apps


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