About us

Who are we?

We are family and friends who enjoy travelling and playing games together.


We endeavor to build touristic scavenger hunts that mix easy and tough challenges that are family friendly and fun while providing insight and discovery about the city you are visiting.

We enjoy traveling, movies, music, games, and room escape challenges. We figured if we’d have fun building and testing these Tourist Scavenger Hunts, you would also enjoy doing them. We love this new way of discovering a city via a walking tour with various challenges to learn about its history and discover our next destination.

Simple And Fun

Each Tourist Scavenger Hunt is around 20 steps, 2-3 hours in duration on a 5-6km circuit which brings you back to the start.

Samuel Parent

Samuel Parent

Digital marketer (25 years’ experience) and world traveller. I was initiated to travel by my family at an early age with whom I visited England & France, California, Washington State, Hawaii and Australia, as well as British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec in Canada.

How we do it

  • We plan our trips extensively and prepare the scavenger hunt in advance.
  • We then test it on the ground and complete it with things to do and see that being there offers.
  • We build the Tourist Scavenger Hunt online and have friends test it to ensure its ease, smoothness, and comprehension.

Genevieve Marquis

Geneviève Marquis

An accountant by trade, world-traveller by passion. I love planning our trips in detail with my friend Julie.

Why we do it

We’ve done a few scavenger hunts like these from other providers and really enjoyed them. We also had plenty of ideas and info we thought should be included. When Geneviève suggested, “we could build one ourselves,” that was all Samuel needed to start work on Tourist Scavenger Hunt. It is now an integral part of every trip we plan and take.

Julie Mainville

Julie Mainville

Why it’s going to be fun for you

Along each scavenger hunt, we try to mix up the types of challenges and their difficulty levels. Some are simple, others are tougher. None are too complicated. We also include any movie, musical and historical information we can at every stop to make this a learning experience as well.