Why Choose Us ?

Los Angeles

Why choose our scavenger hunts?

Here are a few good reasons why our walking tours are better than others

We have travelled to each of these locations at least once.

We have walked where you will walk and seen the same things.

You’ll notice our logo on almost all pictures throughout our walking tours – we took those pictures.

In fact, we’ve done quite a few scavenger hunts in many cities. Most are fun, but all have quirks we didn’t like. So, we create our own and hope you will enjoy them too!

At almost every step along every route, you will encounter a challenge:

  • Observation
  • Counting objects
  • Finding things from clues
  • Ciphers
  • Compare a photo with what you see
  • Riddles
  • And more. In fact, every scavenger hunt has an observational challenge for you to keep track of from start to finish for extra bonus points.

No need to assign everyone a responsibility throughout.

You only need 1 mobile connection to our scavenger hunts.

At every stop, you will learn about the significance of various locations.

At most stops, you will learn about the history of a location.

At some stops, you will be pointed out where specific known movie or television scenes were shot, where music videos were filmed.

At some stops, you will find out what some stars, or known athletes, did here.

All walking tours return within a few blocks of their starting point.

Whether you parked near the start or took public transit to get there, you will not be lost at the end of your adventure.

Our Tourist Scavenger Hunts are $30 for you and your group.

Even better, they are FREE for a limited time!

There is no charge per members of your party, so enjoy!

How does it work?

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Regular or Explorer scavenger hunt?

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