Who can play?

Who are Tourist Scavenger Hunts intended for?

Our Tourist Scavenger Hunt self-guided walking tours are prepared to serve and please many different people.


What’s the best way to discover a new city, to get the lay of the land? It’s to walk it! Our tours are planned to take you to all the major sites while explaining their significance and history. Plus, you’ll get to solve challenges and have fun along the way.

team building

Our tours break up your group into smaller groups of 6 or less. They’ll have to work together to solve challenges, riddles, and break codes at every stop along a 2-hour walk of a popular neighborhood.


Our self-guided walking tours are a great way to spend 2-3 hours among 6 friends. Learn some fun facts about your city and have un solving various challenges.

Families with kids

Tired of the same family activities? Why not take to the city and rediscover it as a family! Our tours are planned to be enjoyable for all ages. While a few challenges may be tougher or complex, most as relatively simple so everyone can participate.

School and day camp field trips

Looking for an educational, fun, and economical activity for your class, or day camp group? Split your group into smaller teams of 6 have each team compete on time and/or points. They’ll learn some history, solve many puzzles, and walk 4km/2.5mi.


Looking for an interesting way to spend a date? Our tours are a great way to spend 2-3 hours together which learning fun facts, some history, and solving many challenges. As a bonus, it’s self-guided!