Test a scavenger hunt

Do you want to be the 1st to test a scavenger hunt? We first make new scavenger hunts available for free in their “beta-testing” phase. That is, they remain free until such time as either we can go out to test them ourselves, or sufficient beta-testers have provided feedback for us to confidently make it available publicly.

You could become a beta-tester for us!

We have a few scavenger hunts in development at all times. Some of these are ready to be tested – these are called “Beta versions” as we need to actually go and test them to ensure they’re ready for you to enjoy.

However, due to the global pandemic, we cannot test them as quickly as we’d like. You could test one, on us!

We always test our scavenger hunts before making them available for sale. While testing them, we validate directions, descriptions, and challenges. We take many pictures of the sites, monuments, and inscriptions so we can develop better and more challenges for each scavenger hunt.

In completing the form below, you agree that in testing a scavenger hunt you’ll send us your feedback (on the directions, descriptions, and challenges). Our goal is to finalize the activity so everyone can enjoy it as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve tested a scavenger hunt and returned feedback to us, we’ll offer you 2 free scavenger hunts of your choosing in thanks for your help (no expiry date).

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Beta testing the Washington DC tourist scavenger hunt
Beta testing the Boston tourist scavenger hunt
Beta testing the Montreal tourist scavenger hunt
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