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2019 was an amazing year for Tourist Scavenger Hunt

2019 thank you

2019 thank youIf you tried a Tourist Scavenger Hunt in 2019 (or ever!), we thank you! You’ve made 2019 an amazing year for us! Our project is to offer more and more routes, in more cities and in more countries. These routes allow you to visit a neighborhood, learn its history and have fun solving challenges along the way.

1 000 teams performed a Tourist Scavenger Hunt walking tour in 2019!

New launches

We launched several new scavenger hunts in 2019:

In 2019, we prepared many of the scavenger hunts you see above, as well as a few more we’ve also tested in 2019, but haven’t yet had time to make available to you. These include some in Montreal, Boston, Lisbon, as well as Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.

Top 5 scavenger hunts of 2019

These of the top 5 scavenger hunts you tried in the last year:

  1. Old MontrealOld Montreal
    • This was the 1st scavenger hunt we launched and represents 42% of all hunts completed in 2019!
  2. Quebec City
    • This scavenger hunt was launched in 2018 and we’ve been considering creating a 2nd one ever since… 17% of all 2019 hunts.
  3. Ottawa, Ontario
    • We launched the Ottawa scavenger hunt in 2018 and adjusted it recently in December 2019. It represents 13% of all scavenger hunts in 2019.
  4. Montreal Plateau Mount-Royal
    • This hunt was launched in 2019 and is on our top 5 list with 5 % participation.
  5. Old Toronto scavenger huntOld Toronto
    • Launched in 2018, this hunt is available in short and long versions (3-4km / 4-5km) and accounts for 4% of all hunts in 2019.

Among our walking tours, two stand out as surprise hits. We created scavenger hunts in Sydney Nova Scotia and in Maastricht Netherlands simply because they were on our trip itinerary. However, we never thought there’d be significant demand for these, which there is!

Thank you and a gift

Thank you for making 2019 an amazing year for us. Here is a limited time coupon code which discounts all of our scavenger hunts by 25%:


This special limited to 1 purchase and is valid now until March 31st. Once you’ve bought your scavenger hunt, you are not obligated to do it immediately. It remains in your account until you are ready to do it, which could be in the coming spring, summer or fall.

Stay tuned to learn our 2020 projects.

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