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2020 Projects at Tourist Scavenger Hunt

2020 roadmap 2020 projects

2020, we hope will be another extraordinary year at Tourist Scavenger Hunt. Here are our 2020 projects, so far.

Completed scavenger hunts to activate

First off, we have several scavenger hunts that have been tested and are ready to be made available online:

Scavenger hunts for cruise ship stops

Further, we learned in 2019 that many people try our scavenger hunts in cities where their cruise ship stops for a day. So, we will be making alternate versions of our current Halifax, Sydney and Quebec City scavenger hunts so you can start them at that city’s cruise terminal. The only real difference will be the start and endpoints, whereas all the challenges will remain the same.

New scavenger hunts in our 2020 projects

Next up, we plan to create the following scavenger hunts among our 2020 projects:

Is there a city or neighborhood you’d like us to create a scavenger hunt for? Please let us know in the comments!

We hope to see you in 2020!

Thank you and a gift

Thank you for making 2019 an amazing year for us. Here is a limited time coupon code which discounts all of our scavenger hunts by 25%:


This special limited to 1 purchase and is valid now until March 31st. Once you’ve bought your scavenger hunt, you are not obligated to do it immediately. It remains in your account until you are ready to do it, which could be in the coming spring, summer or fall.

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