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COVID-19 update for Tourist Scavenger Hunt

COVID19 update

COVID19 updateWe wish to keep you informed about our status during the COVID-19 outbreak. More specifically, we want to reassure our clients, and those planning to try a scavenger hunt in the coming weeks.

First off, rest assured that we are currently free of the virus. We live on the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As of March 13, 3 pm, there are only 17 confirmed cases in Quebec. Extraordinary measures have already been taken by the government to prevent things from getting out of hand.

We care about your safety and your health. As such, we don’t only comply with our government’s recommendation. We are paying close attention to those of the governments where we operate as well. That includes the United States, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Scavenger Hunt Status

Our scavenger hunts will remain available throughout this crisis. Our activity is one you engage in with 1 to 5 other persons for a period of approximately 3 hours. 

There is no expiry date on your scavenger hunt. Should you choose not to do it now because of the outbreak, we totally understand.

You can do it anytime in the future, at your leisure.

However, we recognize some of you have bought our activity as part of a trip that you may have canceled. Know that we will honor all requests to transfer your purchase for any other scavenger hunt of your choosing.

Large crowds

As our activities normally lead you through important tourist locations, you would normally encounter many people, Times Square, Place Jacques Cartier, Praça do Comércio, Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre and Fisherman’s Wharf are such examples.

Governments have forbidden events and gatherings of over 250 people. Due to the current situation, we believe you are unlikely to encounter large crowds along your scavenger hunt, should you wish to proceed to do so at this time.

Sanitary conditions

As we are not responsible for the cleanliness of the public places our activity leads you through, we encourage you to stay safe by wearing gloves and avoid touching the various monuments and info-signs we identify. 

Further, we encourage you to refrain from using handrails, unless you are wearing gloves. You don’t know who touched them before you, and whether or not they were infected.

Customer Support

Our customer support will remain available throughout this period, as it normally is.

You can reach us through our online form, by email at, by phone at 514-949-5201, or by text at 475-215-1013.

We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Our Plans

As the level of activity decreases during this time, we’re making the most of that newly available time.

We will be making available in the coming weeks English versions for the following scavenger hunts :

  • Vienna Ringstrass
  • Vienna Historic Center
  • Prague Old City
  • Prague Castle
  • Amsterdam

Further, we are, so far, planning on developing many new scavenger hunts in the UK, 1 in Philadelphia, 2 in New York City, and 1 in Brussels, which we will test this summer. 

This is of course if the situation takes a turn for the better. Otherwise, they will be tested at a later date.

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