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6 Statues in Toronto you should see

statues in toronto

Are you planning a trip to Toronto? Do you enjoy finding and learning about a city’s monuments and statues? Indeed, it’s a beautiful city to visit in any season, for its architecture and its many parks. While developing our Toronto Civic Center Tourist Scavenger Hunt, and our Old Toronto Tourist Scavenger Hunt, we identified a few statues worth a look at.

We’ve limited our list to the downtown core and harbourfront areas, where our scavenger hunts are located.

6 Statues in Toronto you should see

  1. Churchill MemorialChurchill Memorial
    • Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) Memorial is located at the back left of Toronto’s City Hall. Originally installed in 1977 elsewhere in Nathan Phillips Square but relocated in 2014.
    • Sir Winston Churchill was prime minister of Great Britain between 1940 and 1945, and again between 1951 and 1955. He is remembered especially for his leadership during World War II.
    • Read one of Churchill’s most famous speeches, inscribed on the base of his statue.
  2. Sir Adam Beck statue
    • Sir Adam Beck (1857-1925) is commemorated opposite the South African War Memorial on University Ave near Queen St.
    • Adam Beck founded Ontario Hydro. Unveiled in 1934
  3. TD CenterThe Pasture
    • A number of life-sized bronze cows are lying down in the grass between the TD Center buildings. Sculpted by Joe Fafard and installed in 1985.
  4. Immigrant Families Monument
    • A monument honoring Canada’s immigrant families is located next to the Scotiabank Arena on Yonge St. Installed in 2007 and sculpted by Tom Otterness.
  5. Our Game
    • This statue/monument represents hockey players on the bench just itching to get on the ice. It is located on Front St just outside the Hockey Hall of Fame.
    • Created by Edie Parker and installed in 1993.
  6. Glenn GouldThe Glenn Gould Gathering
    • Outside CBC’s headquarters on Front Street is a bronze bench on which Glenn Gould is sitting. Designed by Ruth Abernethy and installed in 1999.
    • Glenn Gould (1932-1982) was a Toronto concert pianist who favored Johann Sebastian Bach.

Try our scavenger hunts to learn more about these monuments, up-close!

We invite you to try our Toronto Civic Center Tourist Scavenger Hunt or Old Toronto Tourist Scavenger Hunt. In fact, each is a 2-3 hour self-guided walking tour that you do with your smartphone (how it works). You’ll come across most of these statues and much more. Moreover, you’ll enjoy solving the various challenges at each step of the way while learning the history of Toronto.

They each cost $45 for a group of up to 6 people. Also, there is an Explorer version of the Old Toronto scavenger hunt available for $60. Indeed, it’s longer and has more challenges.

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