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Tourist Scavenger Hunt for school outings

ideal for school outings

Are you looking for a low cost and educational school outings? Our tourist scavenger hunts are ideal for you for several reasons.

Low cost

Our activity is a very low cost to you. First, Determine how many groups of 6 your class(s) make up. Then, ensure you have at least one data-enabled smartphone per group. Our cost is $35 per group of 6 – not per person.

We don’t have student pricing as the cost is already low.

For example, a class of 30 students would make 5 groups. Your half or a full day out would only cost $175. That’s dirt cheap and ideal for your shoestring budget.

If you have more than 5 groups, contact us to obtain a 20% discount.


Our scavenger hunts are very educational. Every stop presents historical and current information. Students will learn or better understand their city’s history through that of the buildings, places, and monuments you will see along the way.

Additionally, most stops present you with challenges. These include simple code-breaking, mathematics, and observation. You can have your students working together (teamwork) to solve these. Or you can assign different students to tackle different ones to ensure everyone participates.


There is no schedule to respect or reservations to make. Schedule your activity when it suits you, at the time that’s convenient for you.

When you take your time at each stop, a scavenger hunt can take up to 3:30-4:00 hours. However, if your groups compete against each other on time, they normally take 2 hours to complete.

So it’s up to you to pace your scavenger hunt with the time you have available.

School Trips

Better yet, are you organizing a school trip to another city? We have scavenger hunts in over 12 cities. Some of them have 2 different hunts s available.

Add this activity to your trip for learning and lower your overall trip cost, as opposed to other activities which will cost over 20$ per person.

Plan it

So what are you waiting for? Buy your desired scavenger hunt in the # you need now and do it at a later date.

As soon as we see multiple buys, we contact you to help set up for your team leaders.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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