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Things to do in Sydney, Nova-Scotia

things to do in Sydney Nova Scotia

Are you looking for things to do in Sydney, Nova-Scotia? This Scavenger Hunt takes you on a self-guided walking tour, with challenges through the heart of the city.

See all the sights while having fun and learning some history! You will walk from the City Hall to the Port of Sydney and its giant fiddle while taking numerous side trips to discover more sites while taking on various challenges. Our Sydney NS Tourist Scavenger Hunt was developed and tested in August 2018.

You will start your adventure either in front of the Cape Breton City Hall (start location 1) or at the Sydney Cruise Terminal (start location 2). Follow the instructions on your smartphone to solve challenges and get instructions to your next destination. The challenges are varied in difficulty and types to keep you entertained. They’re good for all ages.

You should plan a good 2 hours for this activity, wear comfortable shoes and be certain your phone is fully charged. As well, you’ll need a data plan as WiFi will not be enough. Further, a street map and bottled water could come in handy.

things to do in Sydney Nova ScotiaThings to do in Sydney? See the sites!

Over your 2-hour adventure through the city, you will see:

  • Merchant Mariner Monument
  • Old Sydney Society
  • George’s Anglican Church & Graveyard
  • Patrick’s Church Museum
  • Crossit House Museum
  • Jost Heritage House
  • Highlands Art Theatre
  • Sydney Waterfront Boardwalk
  • Port of Sydney
  • Cape Breton City Hall
  • And more

Scavenger Hunt

Our scavenger hunt is a self-guided walking tour of the see you can do on your smartphone. Over 3 hours, it’ll take you to all the significant sites, teach you some history, and challenge you with puzzles and various questions. You’ll never walk more than 5 minutes between stops. Take as long, or as little, as you wish as you’re in control of your page on this adventure. Above all, we hope you have fun!

Learn more about the Sydney NS Tourist Scavenger Hunt on our description page.

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