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Team building – looking for a different type of activity?

different type of team building activity

Team building activities are important for most types of organizations. The intention is for a team of coworkers to bond together in a different context from the workplace.

We’ve developed scavenger hunts in the most popular neighborhoods of many important cities. They are an ideal method for teams of 2 to 6 people to collaborate in solving riddles and challenges. You can earn and lose points at every stop along your hunt. Teams can compete with each other on their final score, or better yet on the time it took them to complete their hunt.

What does it involve?

The initial target audience was, in fact, visiting tourists – hence our name Tourist Scavenger Hunt.  Each is roughly 4 kilometers or 3 miles long with 40 stops and challenges. They take tourists an average 3 hours (or much more) to complete as they stop and visit everywhere along the way.

However, when companies organize their team building activity with us, they take less than 2 hours to complete as they prefer competing on time.

Along with your scavenger hunt, you will see the major sites and learn (or review) a lot of history. You will also discover where are located some of the neighborhood’s best restaurants and where some major films shot scenes.

Inexpensive activity

Our scavenger hunts are really inexpensive for companies to take advantage of. One scavenger hunt for a group of 2 to 6 persons costs $35, taxes included – not per person but for the group.

The biggest cost to you is taking the time to get to and complete the activity.

Better yet, if you wish you have 5 or more groups participate, and compete against each other, contact us to get a promo code to benefit of a 20% cost reduction.

You’ll buy the number of groups you need with a first promo code, then we’ll give you a second code for your team leaders to register for the activity on their mobile phone. Please ensure that your team leaders have a data plan for their cell phone.

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