Boston Back Bay walking tour

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Are you looking for things to do in Boston Back Bay? Our tourist scavenger hunt through the Back Bay neighborhood will take you from the Boston Commons to Copley Square via Trinity Church, Boston Public Library, and Gibson House Museum!

You will have to solve challenges at every step to discover your next destination. At each step, you will learn a little history as well as interesting facts about what is around you.

The Boston Back Bay Tourist Scavenger Hunt is a 3.7 km / 2.3 mi self-guided walking tour of this neighborhood. It should take you 3 hours to complete.

  • A fun learning experience
  • See the sights! 30 locations
  • Learn some local history
  • Challenge your knowledge: 24 varied challenges
  • Fun for all ages, kids included
  • Walk at your own pace: 3.7 km / 2.3 mi
  • Wheelchair and stroller accessible throughout
  • Pet-friendly throughout
  • Start whenever you are ready, from your smartphone – no fixed schedule
  • Take as little, or as much time as you wish to complete your hunt
  • Also available in French

Buy 1 scavenger hunt for your party of 1 to 6 people.

Scroll below for additional details, including locations seen, and how to start the activity.

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The Boston Back Bay Tourist Scavenger Hunt is a 3.7 km / 2.3 mi self-guided walking tour of this neighborhood. It should take 3 hours to complete and ends near the start location.

Click here for this tourist scavenger hunt’s complete tour details, specifications, requirements, and city history. You will also find here the full list of locations on the itinerary.

What you’ll see:

  • Boston Common
  • Boston Public Garden
  • Gibson House Museum
  • Hatch Memorial Shell
  • Trinity Church Boston
  • Old South Church
  • Commonwealth Avenue
  • Boston Vendome Hotel Fire Memorial
  • Victorian brownstones
  • Louisburg Square
  • And much more!

This scavenger hunt has a difficulty level of NORMAL.

We recommend an ideal group size of between 2 and 6 people – but do not restrict you to this. Children are welcome and will enjoy most of the challenges.

After purchase, to begin your hunt, you will need to be outside the Boston Common garage at 0 Charles St, Boston, MA 02116, USA (near Back Bay). This is the start location.

Once there, connect to this site to begin your urban tourist adventure. You need a well-charged cell phone connected to the Internet (LTE or 4G, Wifi is not enough).

Alternatively, you can access “My Account” and follow the instructions there.

Never hesitate to contact us if you experience any difficulties.

Ancient History

The first Europeans named this region Trimoutaine for its 3 mountains. They’ve now mostly been leveled to hills. Trimoutaine became Boston in 1630, in honor of Boston in Lincolnshire, England, from where came many of the wealthiest early settlers.

This peninsula is thought to have been inhabited since 5000 BC.

Puritans strongly influenced the education and ethics of the early city. The first public school in America was founded in Boston in 1635.

Its citizens participated in 4 wars (for the English) against France and the natives (American Indians) until Britain ejected them permanently from North America.

Boston was the largest city in British America until Philadelphia overtook it in the mid-18th century. Its proximity to the ocean has kept its port and shipping very active from its earliest days.

Many of the milestones of the American Revolution happened around Boston. The protests spurred by British laws and the measures to apply these laws led to the Boston Tea Party, then to the American Revolution. Boston was besieged between 1775 and 1776.

History of Back Bay

Back Bay was literally a bay in the Charles River to the north before 1857. This is when the area started to be filled with gravel and other things. For a time, 25 trains of 35 cars, every 24 hours, dumped landfill here to create this neighborhood. Completion occurred in 1882.

Back Bay was designed according to the Haussmann model. Haussmann designed many of the major arteries in Paris. There is, therefore, the very wide Commonwealth Avenue in the center and quadrilateral streets on the left and right of it. Indeed, there are very few angled streets in Back Bay.

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Additional information

Start location

Outside the Boston Common garage at 0 Charles St, Boston, MA 02116, USA

End point

This tour ends in Boston Public Garden, 1 block from the Boston Common

Sights seen

24 sites seen: important buildings, monuments, plazas & attractions


30 varied challenges – all answers are available in front of your on-site, outdoors.


3.7 km / 2.3 miles


2h30 to 3 hours at normal walking speed (no rush).
Take as long as you want though.


Smartphone with internet access (LTE, 4G, 3G)
WiFi is not available throughout the course

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