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Are you into overlanding? How about really long road trips?


overlandingOverlanding, as a growing trend and as a passion is a fairly new phenomenon. It’s still at a phase where the meaning of the word ‘overlanding’ needs to be explained from time to time.

I was recently exposed to the phenomena through shared interests. I didn’t know what the word meant besides its obviousness – or that people even did it, overlanding that is.

Think of it like a really long road trip where the point isn’t so much the destination, as it is the adventure you’ll have along the way. In other words, you might not plan for every stop you’ll make along the way, only a few more important stops. The point is to discover!

No really, what’s overlanding?

Overlanding originated in Australia where ranchers would drive cattle for long distances across the Outback. They did so on established travel routes, at their cattle’s pace and whims. These routes later became roads.

It isn’t off-roading because that involves traveling un-surfaces roads, or no roads at all. Overlanding isn’t about seeing what your truck or jeep can do, but what you can discover with it.

It isn’t a road trip either because that has a fixed destination. It usually has a fixed itinerary along the way with booked accommodations, people and things to see. Overlanding, as stated before, is all about the journey.

Overlanding usually involves carrying everything you’ll need for the journey. In other words, you’ll sleep in a tent or in the car and eat your own food most of the time.

Overland Site

The folks at Overland Site exposed me to this concept and it’s something I’d really like to do someday. It would be interesting to prepare a great number of Tourist Scavenger Hunts in a number of cities, explore and test them whenever we get there.

The infographic below really sums it all up!”

what is overlanding

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