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Are you looking for things to do in Rotterdam? The Rotterdam Tourist Scavenger Hunt takes you on a self-guided walking tour, with challenges through the heart of the city.

See all the sights while having fun and learning some history! You will walk from City Hall to the Cube Houses while taking a few side trips and taking on various challenges.

The Rotterdam Tourist Scavenger Hunt is a 5.5 km / 3.41-mile self-guided walking tour with 24 varied challenges. It takes about 3 hours to complete.

  • A fun learning experience
  • See the sights!
  • Learn some local history
  • Challenge your knowledge: 24 varied challenges
  • Fun for all ages, kids included
  • Walk at your own pace: 5.5 km / 3.41-mile
  • Wheelchair & stroller accessible throughout
  • Pet friendly throughout
  • Start whenever you are ready, from your smartphone – no fixed schedule
  • Take as little, or as much time as you wish to complete your hunt

Buy 1 scavenger hunt for your party of 1 to 6 people.

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The Rotterdam Tourist Scavenger Hunt is a 5.5 km / 3.41-mile self-guided walking tour with 24 varied challenges. It takes 3 hours to complete and ends near the start location.

On your Rotterdam Scavenger Hunt, you will see :

  • City Hall
  • Great Church of Saint Lawrence
  • Witte Huis
  • Cube Houses
  • Maritime Museum
  • Mariniersmuseum
  • Central Public Library
  • Lijnbaan
  • Theatre Place
  • Centraal Station

This scavenger hunt has a difficulty level of NORMAL.

The ideal group size is between 2 and 6 people – but is not restricted to this. Children are welcome and will enjoy most of the challenges.

After purchase, to begin your Rotterdam walking tour, you will need to head to the plaza in front of City Hall / Stadhuis Rotterdam, Coolsingel 40, 3011 AD Rotterdam, Netherlands. This is the start location.

Once there, log in to this website and begin your hunt, or go to My Account for full clickable instructions.

Also, you’ll need a fully charged smartphone connected to the Internet (LTE, or 4G with a data plan, Wifi isn’t available throughout). Instructions will be supplied on-screen or directions and challenges, as well as some historical information.

Ancient History

Rotterdam is a major port city in the Netherlands within the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt river delta at the North Sea. The city’s history starts in 1270 when a great dam was built on the Rotte river (hence, Rotterdam). This dam was, in fact, the connecting of many fiefdoms’ protective walls into a single great wall. Indeed, these walls had been built up over time to protect against flooding.

However, this city can trace its origins further to 900 AD when early settlements were established around the Rotte estuary. In fact, these were part of the Holy Roman (German) Empire.

In 1340, Rotterdam was finally granted city rights by the Count of Holland and expanded. Various power struggles emerged for control of the city in the following 150 years. Then, the city became involved in the Eighty Year War between the Low Countries and Spain. This conflict stagnated growth but the following period saw prosperity as trade with England, France, America, and Spain increased into the 18th century. The city was occupied by the French from 1795 to 1813 and succumbed to recession at this time. Fast growth took hold once more when the French left as the exploration of Africa brought in a new trade. This is also when the city outgrew its city walls and expanded not only beyond, but across the river as well.

Modern History

Rotterdam almost didn’t survive WWII as it was the subject of an early German invasion and bombings in 1940. It was later bombed by allied air forces to drive out the Germans. The city was almost completely reconstructed following WWII and boasts bold, modern architecture. Finally, nowadays, Rotterdam is home to almost 635 000 people and is Europe’s largest port.

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Additional information

Starting point

In front of City Hall / Stadhuis Rotterdam, Coolsingel 40, 3011 AD Rotterdam, Netherlands

End point

This tour ends 1 block from the start location


24 varied challenges to solve as you walk from one stop to the next.


5.5 kilometers / 3.41 miles


3 to 4 hours at normal walking pace


Fully charged smartphone with internect access (data plan with LTE, 4G or 3G)

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  1. Neil Grew

    **** (4 stars on TripAdvisor)
    Good way to see the main Rotterdam sights and get a good overview of the city. One clue – the barrels,
    was wrong/out of date, and clues were very easy, but if you like this style of sightseeing – as we do – it
    Neil, Aug.17 2019

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