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Why do you share travel pictures ?

share travel pictures

Why do you share travel pictures on social mediaWhy do we share travel pictures on our social media accounts? We all do it, but we all have our own motivation for doing it.

Last August, AdWeek published this infographic which presents various aspects of why we share travel pictures.

Motivations for sharing travel pictures

We share travel pictures for a variety of reasons, but they mostly revolve around these four: Discovering, Wellness, Status, and Fun.

What travel pictures we share

Mostly, 54% of us share pictures of famous landmarks. These pictures act as a statement such as “I was here”, without putting a graffiti on the location.

44% of us share pictures of hidden gems in the cities we visit, things that aren’t as touristy or commercial yet are of fascinating interest.

40% share pictures of mountains, parks, and forests.  34% share blue pictures, that is pictures of the ocean, a pool or the sky. 33% specifically share pictures of bodies of water. 32% share typically tropical pictures such as palm trees, coconuts, palapas, cold cocktails, the beach and more.

We share plenty of pictures when we are on a trip. I know I do, a lot more than when I’m at home or work.

Do the statistics in this infographic resonate with your behavior when you’re on a trip? Share your experiences below.

Tourist Scavenger Hunts

Our Tourist Scavenger Hunts take you on a walking tour in the heart of a city’s historic area pointing out major attractions while sharing local history. We also like to point out lesser-known hidden gems which people seem to like to share. We encourage you to share pictures of yourselves when completing a tourist scavenger hunt to share the fun you’re having.

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