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What exactly is a tourist scavenger hunt?

what is a tourist scavenger hunt

What is a Tourist Scavenger Hunt? Glad you asked!

A Tourist Scavenger Hunt is a self-guided walking tour in a specific neighborhood of a city you want to visit. In fact, the only differences are that there are challenges and enigmas to discover the next step in your visit, and you will follow the instructions on your cell phone.

What destinations are there?

So far, we’ve put together, and launched, 4 Tourist Scavenger Hunts in Old Montreal QC, Philadelphia PA, Hollywood CA and San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf.

We are now working on Tourist Scavenger Hunts for several cities in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, and Utrecht. As well, we are preparing a hunt / walking tour for the Montmartre area of Paris France, Quebec City, Boston MA, New York NY, Chicago IL, and Toronto ON. Moreover, we have a list of at least 50 other cities where we will be developing scavenger hunts.

How long is a tourist scavenger hunt and how does it work?

Each is about a 5 kilometer or 3.3-mile walk with 20-30 stops. Also, each stop explains a location’s significance and history. Finally, the entire walking tour will take you approximately two and a half hours to 3 hours to walk. This all depends on your walking speed.

Most stops also comprise a challenge.

What types of challenges will I encounter?

Each route is different and we try to vary the types of challenges. Indeed, you will encounter challenges asking you to look around a location for a specific thing. Others will present you with a cipher where you will need to look at historical text plaques and find specific words or letters to recompose a phrase or word.

Some challenges will require you to identify something missing from a picture. Others yet will have you count items around you and calculate a mathematical equation with those numbers. This will yield an important date or an address.

Other challenges will question your general knowledge as we assume you will have prepared your trip to this destination.

Why not try one? Or tell us in which city you’d like to see us do a Tourist Scavenger Hunt.

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