Shopico Atlantic

Welcome to Tourist Scavenger Hunt

Follow these instructions to claim your hunt and know how to get started after having bought on through Shopico.

  1. Select among the 4 Atlantic Canada hunts below, or among any other locations
  2. “Buy” the selected hunt and apply the promo code (2nd blue line at the top) (your code starts with sh-…, or sa-…) which brings the price to $0
  3. You’ll be creating an account with which you can do your scavenger hunt at any time in the future.
Halifax tourist scavenger hunt, Halifax walking tour
Sydney NS tourist scavenger hunt
Moncton Tourist Scavenger Hunt, Moncton walking tour
Fredericton tourist scavenger hunt, Fredericton Walking tour

Once bought, and when you’re ready to do the scavenger hunt :

  1. Go to the start location
  2. Log into your account on
  3. In My Account, go to Scavenger Hunts, then select the one you want to do (blue button)
  4. Have fun!
  5. Don’t forget to leave a review or send feedback!