St.Georges Tourist Scavenger Hunt

St.George’s Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for things to do in St. George’s, Bermuda? Try our tourist scavenger hunt as a fun walking tour of the city while discovering its sites and history!

It will take you from King’s Square to Fort George and the Bermuda Heritage Museum. You’ll have challenges at every step to earn points. Each completed challenge will tell you where you are going next and teach you a bit of local history.

St. George’s, on the island by the same name is in the Bermuda archipelago. It was the first permanent British colony of the British in the Americas. Bermuda remains a British Territory.


  • Starting point: in Kings Square, 3 Bridge St, Town of St. George, Bermuda
  • Distance: 4 km / 2.11 mi
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Methode: Walking
  • Required:
    • A fully charged smartphone with Internet access.
  • Suggested:
    • Water bottle
    • A local map

You will see

  • King’s Square
  • Bermuda National Trust Museum
  • Ordinance Island
  • George’s bay
  • Replica of the Deliverance
  • Statue of Sir George Somers
  • State House
  • George Town Hall
  • Bermuda Garrison Artillery Monument
  • Tucker House Museum
  • Pilot Darrell Square
  • Saint Peter’s Church
  • Stewart Hall
  • And more!

This scavenger hunt is being developed in conjunction with the St.George’s Tourist Board.

Histoire Ancienne

St. George’s, originally called New London, was established in 1612, 3 years after Admiral Sir George Somers’ first trip here.

They had directed their ship, the Sea Venture, on the reef to escape a storm. The survivors built 2 new ships, the Deliverance, and Patience. Most of them continued to Jamestown, their intended destination. However, 2 men remained on the island to occupy this new British possession. A third man, from the Patience, joined them when the ship passed by on the return trip to England.

St. George’s is actually the 3rd British colony in America after St.John’s Newfoundland and Jamestown in Virginia. But it is the first permanent colony as the other 2 were only seasonally occupied.

The island was developed by the Virginia Company when it sent 60 more colonists. St. George’s was the capital of Bermuda until 1815.

Histoire moderne

St. George’s has long been an important port for the British in the development of the American colonies. However, the Bermudians assisted George Washington during his War of Independence by supplying gunpowder from St. George’s Harbor.

During the American Civil War, the British provided ammunition and other equipment to the Confederate army (the south), via St. George’s port.

The State House of 1620 was the first stone building on the island and hosted the government here until 1815.

The St.George’s Tourist Scavenger Hunt will be available soon!