Leeds tourist scavenger hunt

Leeds 3-hour self-guided walking tour and scavenger hunt

Are you looking for things to do in Leeds? Try our 3-hour self-guided walking tour and scavenger hunt to walk this historic city.

Walk from City Square to Park Square and on to Holy Trinity Church while also seeing various museums and monuments. Solve challenges at every stop to learn your next destination. You’ll also learn some local history and fun facts.

Scavenger Hunt information :

  • City Square
  • Park Square
  • Leeds War Memorial
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Leeds Town Hall
  • Leeds Art Gallery
  • And much more!
  • Starting point:  in City Square, Leeds LS1 2HT, United Kingdom
  • Distance: 2.3 km / 1.5 mi
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Method: walking
  • Required: Fully charged smartphone with internet access (data plan) – Wifi will not be enough.
  • Suggested:
    • Water bottle
    • Local map

Ancient History

Initially called Loidis, a settlement here of the Celtic kingdom of Elmet existed prior to the Norman Conquest of England (1086). The area was mostly ignored by the earlier Romans.

The town’s first charter was granted in 1207. The growth of the town was very slow.

During the 13th and 14th centuries, the surrounding estate changed hands from Maurice de Gant to Ranulf Earl of Chester, then to the de Lacy family, and finally to the royal family. 

It was absorbed into the Crown’s possessions on the accession of Henry IV (1399-1413).

Modern History

The town finally began growing into a cloth-trading town in the 15th and 16th centuries. Sheep farming leads to woolen cloth fabrication and trade onwards until the 19th century.

The 19th century leads to the massive growth of Leeds from town to city. Canals were dug to connect with Liverpool. Then the railway connected Leeds to Selby.

Ammunitions were manufactured here for the Great War (1914-18) and for the Second World War (1939-45).

The Leeds Tourist Scavenger Hunt is in development

Leeds city Museum
Park Square, Leeds
The Briggate Minerva, Leeds
Dyson's Clock, Leeds
Leeds town hall
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