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United States

Check out our Tourist Scavenger Hunts in the United-States

You’ll find Tourist Scavenger Hunt locations in the United States spread across over 25 cities, 4 states + the District of Columbia. More are constantly being developed.

Tourist Scavenger Hunts are 2-3 hour self-guided walking tours with instructions through our mobile website on your smartphone. In fact, you’ll learn the history of a city or neighborhood, the significance of various sites, monuments, and names. Also, you’ll enjoy solving our various challenges at almost every stop along the way.

Further, they all end within a few blocks of their starting point. Indeed, you’ll never walk more than 5 minutes between 2 stops. However, this isn’t a race. Finally, take as much, or a little time as you want. Contact us if you have any questions.

Browse our hunt locations by state :


los angeles


Boston tourist scavenger hunt
Boston North End Tourist Scavenger Hunt
Boston Back Bay tourist scavenger hunt

New York

NYC Times Square scavenger hunt
lower manhattan tourist scavenger hunt
manhattan upper east side tourist scavenger hunt
Manhattan upper west side tourist scavenger hunt
NYC Chinatown Little Italy tourist scavenger hunt
New York Chelsea tourist scavenger hunt
New York City Greenwich Village tourist scavenger hunt
NYC Harlem tourist scavenger hunt
NYC Brooklyn tourist scavenger hunt



Washington D.C.

Washington monuments tourist scavenger hunt
Washington Dupont Logan Circles aventure urbaine

Would you like to see a Tourist Scavenger Hunt Location in your city or neighborhood? Contact us to tell us where and why you believe it would be great.