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How to buy a Tourist Scavenger Hunt

how to buy a tourist scavenger hunt

If you are looking to buy a Tourist Scavenger Hunt, here are a few steps to follow to make your experience simpler.

Article updated August 2, 2019

Step 1

The first step in booking a Tourist Scavenger Hunt is to create an account with us. You will create one when buying your first hunt, or you can click on “My Account” in the menu above and select “Register a new account” if you are not ready to buy just yet.

Why create an account and not simply just do the scavenger hunt? It is so you can see your final score as well as keep track of all the scavenger hunts you’ll complete over time.

Step 2

Once you’ve completed an account, log in to buy a tourist scavenger hunt. Visit the Tourist Scavenger Hunt location you are interested in. Click on one of the “book now” links which will take you to the walking tour “product” in our online shop.

Step 3

Add your Tourist Scavenger Hunt “product” to your “cart” and proceed to the checkout. If you are already logged in, all your personal information will appear automatically. You will only need to complete your credit card information.

Please note that this site uses a security certificate. This is to safeguard both your personal information and credit card information from any theft. Further, please also note that we do not keep a record of your credit card information.

Step 4

Once your transaction is complete, you will be asked to also join our newsletter.

Why join our newsletter? We will send you a piece of quarterly information bulleting about our new Tourist Scavenger Hunt locations and features.

Also, when your transaction is completed, you will receive an email with instructions. These are for when you are actually ready to proceed with the walking tour. Also, you may buy it days in advance, or on the spot. It is as you wish.

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