A Tourist Scavenger Hunt is a 2-3 hour self-guided walking tour during which you will solve riddles, learn some history, and see the sites.

A few easy steps to buy and do a scavenger hunt:

  • Select a city from our available locations.
  • Buy your selected Tourist Scavenger Hunt, 1 per group (1-6 persons).
  • Go to the start location when you wish to start – there is no schedule.
  • Go to My Account / Scavenger Hunts and click on the blue button.
  • Complete challenges at every step, the game autosaves.
  • Earn points with each completed challenge in your hunt.
  • Discover the city & have fun!

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Tourist Scavenger Hunt is the brainchild of a group of traveling friends. Our website and scavenger hunts are developed by Titan Interactif (one of the friends) and tested by the group. Each hunt takes up to 20 hours to develop, test, translate, and make available online.

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