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9 iconic Hollywood Street Art installations

hollywood street art

Do you love art? When you travel do you make it a point to see public monuments, sculptures, and statues? There is much Hollywood street art to be seen.

Whether you are planning a visit Hollywood, or if you live here but haven’t noticed these monuments to see in Hollywood, this list is for you.  In our research to develop a Tourist Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood, we’ve come across much information, some of which can only be gleaned when doing the actual scavenger hunt.

However, we also wanted to share some of that information with you for your visit planning. Here are 9 Hollywood street art installations you should check out.

9 Hollywood Street Art

  1. The Four Ladies of Hollywood
    • The Four Ladies of Hollywood monument honors five of its leading ladies from years past. Indeed, the 4 ladies represent the ethnic diversity of cinema’s leading ladies: Dorothy Dandridge (1922-1965), Anna May Wong (1905-1961), Dolores del Rio (1904-1983), and Mae West (1893-1980)
    • Moreover, Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962), at the very top of the gazeebo, played this iconic scene with her skirt caught in an updraft in “The Seven Year Itch” (1955).
    • You will find the Four Ladies of Hollywood at the intersection of N. La Brea Avenue & Hollywood Blvd.
  2. Winnie the PoohHollywood’s Walk of Fame
    • Hollywood’s Walk of Fame comprises over 2,600 stars on the sidewalks along 15 blocks of Hollywood Blvd and 3 blocks of Vine St. In fact, the original selection committee included the likes of Cecil B. DeMille (1881-1959), Samuel Goldwyn (1879-1974), Jesse L. Lasky (188-1958), Walt Disney (1901-1966), Hal Roach (1892-1992), Mack Sennette (1880-1960) and Walter Lantz (1899-1994). The first permanent stars appeared in 1960. Hollywood Chamber of Commerce administers the Walk of Fame
    • As a matter of fact, Gene Autry (1907-1998) is the only honoree to have a star in all 5 categories. Comparatively, Bob Hope (1903-2003), Mickey Rooney (1920-2014), Roy Rogers (1911-1998) and Tony Martin (1913-2012) have stars in 4 categories.
    • Indeed, the stars represent the best in music, cinema, television, radio and live Theater. However, a few exceptions exist. You can find 4 round Moon landing monuments at the corners of Hollywood and Vine.
    • They run along 15 blocks on Hollywood from La Brea to Argyle as well as 3 blocks on Vine.
  1. The Road to Hollywood: How Some of Us Got Here
    • Artist Erika Rothenburg’s inlaid mosaic trail throughout the Babylon Courtyard presents stories of The Road to Hollywood: How Some of Us Got Here. These mosaics are mostly located on the ground floor and circle the central fountain children enjoy running through.
  2. Babylon Courtyard
    • The Babylon Courtyard is located next to the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland. It boasts many shops, restaurants and public art pieces including replicas of set pieces from the 1916 film Intolerance. The film’s story starts in ancient Babylon, covers the life of Christ, renaissance in France and finally modern America (from a 1916 perspective.
    • The film was such a flop that they didn’t have the funds to tear down the massive sets built on Sunset Blvd at Hollywood. The reproductions include a large archway through which you can frame awesome pictures of the Hollywood Sign, and massive elephants on huge columns.
  3. The Hollywood Sign
    • Built 1923, the Hollywood sign originally read “Hollywoodland”. The large structure visible from miles around should have been up for only 18 months. However, it is still here 90+ years later, with a few letters missing. And as they say, the rest is history.
    • Although this is not strictly “street art” it is clearly visible from many vantage points in Hollywood.
    • If you want a much closer view of the Hollywood sign, we suggest visiting Griffith Observatory. As well if you have a car, you can drive up close on Durand Dr along which is a park you can take time to snap a few pics.
  4. Mexican FilmDolores Del Rio Mural
    • Located on Hudson at Hollywood, this mural depicts important films by one of Hollywood’s first Latina stars, Dolores Del Rio. Of course, the films presented on this mural are all Mexican films. Alfredo de Batuc painted this mural back in 1990.
  5. You Are The Star Mural
    • Located on Wilcox Ave at Hollywood Blvd, is a bizarre mural where it’s the stars that are looking at you! As a matter of fact, dozens of movie legends are sitting in this theatre from Superman and R2-D2 to James Dean and Cher.
  6. Hollywood High Mural
    • Painted on the west side of Hollywood High School, this large mural presents one of its alumni, Rudolph Valentino (1895-1926), who starred in “The Sheik” (1921).
    • This mural is visible when walking down Orange Drive just south of Hollywood Blvd.
  7. Amoeba MusicAmoeba Music Mural
    • Located on Sunset at Ivar, 2 blocks south of Hollywood, the Amoeba Music flagship store boast a large mural.

We invite you to try our Hollywood Tourist Scavenger Hunt. It is a 2-hour guided walking tour throughout the heart of Hollywood you do on your mobile phone (how it works).  It only costs $30 for your group. Moreover, you will enjoy seeing this Hollywood street art and much more

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