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9 Attractions in Hollywood

attractions in hollywood

Are you wondering which attractions in Hollywood to see? In our research to develop a Tourist Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood, we’ve come across much information, some of which can only be gleaned when doing the actual scavenger hunt.

However, we also wanted to share some of that information with you for your visit planning. Here are 9 attractions in Hollywood you need to check out.

9 attractions in Hollywood to see

  1. Walt Disney Apollo XIHollywood’s Walk of Fame
    • Hollywood’s Walk of Fame comprises over 2,600 stars on the sidewalks along 15 blocks of Hollywood Blvd and 3 blocks of Vine St. The original selection committee included the likes of Cecil B. DeMille (1881-1959), Samuel Goldwyn (1879-1974), Jesse L. Lasky (188-1958), Walt Disney (1901-1966), Hal Roach (1892-1992), Mack Sennette (1880-1960) and Walter Lantz (1899-1994). The first permanent stars appeared in 1960. Hollywood Chamber of Commerce administers the Walk of Fame
    • As a matter of fact, Gene Autry (1907-1998) is the only honoree to have a star in all 5 categories. Comparatively, Bob Hope (1903-2003), Mickey Rooney (1920-2014), Roy Rogers (1911-1998) and Tony Martin (1913-2012) have stars in 4 categories.
    • Indeed, the stars represent the best in music, cinema, television, radio and live Theater. However, a few exceptions exist. 4 round Moon landing moments are located at the corners of Hollywood and Vine.
    • They run along 15 blocks on Hollywood Blvd from La Brea to Argyle as well as 3 blocks up and down Vine.
  1. Madame TussaudsMadame Tussauds Hollywood
    • The world-renowned museum chain of life-size wax replicas of famous stars and historic icons has a home here in Hollywood. Moreover, on top of recent music and film celebrities, you will find here classic actors and signers of Hollywood’s golden age.
    • Madame Tussauds stands on Hollywood Blvd at N.Orange Dr. Admittance starts at $25 but many options and packages are available if you want to take in other local attractions or tours.
  2. Griffith ObservatoryGriffith Observatory
    • The Griffith Observatory stands tall over Hollywood in the Hollywood Hills. It is just outside of the neighborhood but a must if you are in the area. Not only can you capture amazing pictures of Hollywood and the Greater Los Angeles area, you’ll also be in a great location to take selfies with the Hollywood Sign.
    • Beyond the stunning views, the Griffith Observatory presents many science exhibits for free.
  3. Hollywood Wax Museum
    • Similarly to Madame Tussauds and located on the famous Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Wax Museum gets you up close and personal with wax replicas of your favorite celebrities.
    • The Hollywood Wax Museum finds itself located on Hollywood Blvd at N.Highland Ave. Entry is free for children, $13 for youths and $23 for all 12 years old and over.
  4. Hollywood MuseumThe Hollywood Museum
    • This museum presents the history of Hollywood including props, costumes, scripts, together with photos of famous films and historic events that have occurred here.
    • The Hollywood Museum neighbors Hollywood Wax Museum at Hollywood Blvd and N.Highland Ave. Entry is $5 for children, $12 for teens and seniors and $15 for adults.
  5. Runyon Canyon
    • Runyon Canyon sits at the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains. It is a stone’s throw north of Hollywood and close to the Hollywood Sign. The park measures 160-acres and is a must of hiking enthusiasts. You can find entrances at the end of Fuller as well as off of Mulholland Drive at its top.
  6. Guinness World Records Museum
    • Here you can experience not only the oldest but also the most recent Guinness World Records. In fact, here you can discover the world’s largest work of art to the lowest limbo!
    • You will find the Guinness World Records Museum located on Hollywood between Highland and McCadden, across the street from the Hollywood Wax Museum. Admittance is $11 for children, $21 regular.
  7. Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
    • This is the only place in Hollywood where you will find shrunken heads, a 12ft tall robot, and an authentic vampire killing kit. Indeed, there are over 300 exhibits and artifacts in 15 themed galleries on 2 floors, all to satisfy your curiosity.
    • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is located on Hollywood Blvd at N.Highland Ave, across the street from the Hollywood Wax Museum. Admittance is $12 for children, $23 for adults.
  8. Escape HotelEscape Hotel

    • This is not a hotel, but a room escape attraction. The Escape Hotel Hollywood is the largest live escape venue in the world.
    • What exactly is a room escape attraction? It is a physical adventure game where you the player must solve a series of puzzles using clues, hints, and strategy to escape from the room you’ve been locked into. A time limit forces players to solve the clues rapidly to unveil the secret plot. Scenario settings vary such as a hotel room, office, prison cell, space station, etc.
    • Room escape attractions are like scavenger hunts in that you must work together to solve clues to find your next challenges until you unlock a final answer.
    • The Escape Hotel finds itself located at 1705 Cherokee at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. Playing a scenario with a team will cost $40 per person and a reservation is encouraged.

We invite you to try our Hollywood Tourist Scavenger Hunt. It is a 2-hour guided walking tour throughout the heart of Hollywood you do on your mobile phone (how it works).  It only costs $30 for your group. Moreover, you will enjoy seeing these attractions in Hollywood and much more while completing challenges and learning about Hollywood’s history.

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