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7 Toronto museums to discover

7 Toronto museums to discover

Are you planning a trip to Toronto? Indeed, it’s a beautiful city to visit in any season, for its architecture and its many parks. While developing our Toronto Civic Center Tourist Scavenger Hunt and our Old Toronto Tourist Scavenger Hunt, we identified 7 Toronto museums we wished to share with you.

We’ve limited our list to the downtown core and harbourfront areas, where our scavenger hunts are located.

7 Toronto museums to discover

  1.  Hockey Hall of FameHockey Hall of Fame
    • This Hockey Museum features all the legends of the NHL, as well as its long history. This is where you can see the Stanley Cup most of the time.
    • The Stanley Cup was named for Lord Stanley of Preston, Governor General of Canada in 1892 when it first appeared at the Dominion (Canada) Hockey Challenge.
    • The Hall of Fame was originally founded in Kingston, Ontario, in 1943. The first to be honored was in 1945. It moved to Toronto in 1958 at Exhibition Place, to the west of here. Then to this historic Bank of Montreal building in 1993. Female hockey players have also been included since 2010.

    Canadian Textile Museum

  2. Canadian Textile Museum
    • Textile Museum of Canada is where you will see historic fabrics and explanations of their production methods.
    • It is located on Center Avenue, just south of Dundas.
  3. Campbell House Museum
    • The oldest house (manor house) in the former village of York built in 1822. It was the residence of Judge William Campbell, his wife, and his children. A fine example of Georgian architecture (also known as the Palladian style).
    • It is located at the northwest corner of University Avenue and Queen Street.
    • You can visit it every day except Mondays for $ 10.
  4. TRoundhouse Parkoronto Railway Museum
    • The Toronto Railway Museum, in Roundhouse Park, across the street from the CN Tower, is both an open-air, and indoor, museum where you can see and learn all about Canada’s railway system and history.
  5. AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario
    • The Art Gallery of Ontario boasts a huge collection of Canadian artists, as well as some European masterworks.
  6. Mackenzie House
    • Located on Bond Street, this is the 19th-century home of former prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie.
  7. ripley's aquarium of CanadaRipley’s Aquarium of Canada
    • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is next to the CN Tower. Here you’ll find over 20,000 aquatic animals from all over the globe here. This attraction opened in 2013. Admission is $ 35 per adult.

Try our Toronto Scavenger Hunts to discover these museums and more

We invite you to try our Toronto Civic Center Tourist Scavenger Hunt or Old Toronto Tourist Scavenger Hunt. They are 2-3 hours each, self-guided walking tours that you do with your smartphone (how it works). You’ll come across most of these museums and much more. Moreover, you’ll enjoy solving the various challenges at each step of the way while learning the history of Toronto.

In sum, they each cost $45 for a group of up to 6 people. Also, there is an Explorer version of the Old Toronto scavenger hunt available for $60. Indeed, it’s longer and has more challenges.

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