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7 plazas & parks in Downtown L.A.

7 plazas & pars in downtown LA

Are you planning a visit to Los Angeles? Considering visiting its downtown / civic center area? Do you like seeing the parks a city has to offer? In our research to develop a Tourist Scavenger Hunt in Downtown L.A., we came across a lot of information. Some we use exclusively in the actual scavenger hunt, but other we’d like to share with you.

As part of that research, we came across many beautiful parks and plazas where you can relax and take in some greenery while also viewing the city’s architecture. You can see many of these plazas and parks as you do the scavenger hunt. To enumerate, here are 7 plazas & parks in Downtown L.A.

7 plazas & parks in Downtown L.A.

  1. Placita de DoloresPlacita de Dolores

    • Placita de Dolores is across Alameda St. from Union Station. Within this small park is a large bronze statue of Antonio Aguilar.
    • Antonio Aguilar was a Mexican singer and songwriter. He also acted in quite a few films in Mexico which drew Hollywood’s attention.
  2. Father Serra Park

    • This small park is across N.Los Angeles St from Placita de Dolores, across N.Alameda St from Union Station as well.
    • This park is named for Father Junipero Serra, founder of the California mission system and the first 9 of 21 missions. He first visited the area in 1782.
    • It sits atop the original Lugo Adobe, home of one of the great ranchero families in El Pueblo. They were one of the wealthiest families in Southern California during the 1850s. The adobe was demolished in 1951.
  3. Los Angeles Plaza ParkLos Angeles Plaza Park

    • This plaza, across Alameda St from Union Station, is the central point of the city’s historical district. From here you can walk down Calle Olvera, the very first street established in Los Angeles which still has one of the very first homes, or adobes still standing.
    • The Plaza is full of statues and plaques, commemorating the city’s pioneers and founders. A gazebo stands in the center. You’ll find many street vendors here.
  4. grand parkGrand Park

    • This aptly named “grand park” slopes upwards of 3 city blocks from L.A.’s city hall. At the very top is the performing arts district. Public restrooms can be found throughout the park.
    • Grand Park is a 12-acre park in the civic center of Los Angeles. It opened in 2012 and is the central part of the Grand Avenue Project. Surrounding the Grand Avenue Project are Los Angeles’ city hall, city administration buildings, courts of justice, musical and theatrical venues as well as libraries.
    • There are tunnels running underneath Grand Park and across major areas of Los Angeles? They are used to transport people from one courthouse to the next, move money and have also been used to move bottles of prohibition era booze.
  5. California Plaza

    • This exterior urban space is nestled behind the AECOM tower at 350 S. Grand Ave.
    • Here you can see free concerts on the weekends during the summer.
  6. angels flightAngels Flight

    • Angels Flight Stairs and Tram is located between Hill Street at the bottom and Grand Ave. It is behind the AECOM tower and the California Plaza. Its top is actually above Olive St which runs on a level below.
    • You can either take the tram or take the stairs, up or down. The tram costs less than $1 per rider. The stairs take a good 5 minutes to go down, closer to 10 going up.
    • At 328 feet long, it is one of the shortest incorporated railways in the world. It is also a 69 feet difference from top to bottom.
  7. Maguire Gardens

    • These gardens are adjacent to the Central Library on S.Flower St at W.5th You will find numerous trees, fountains, and benches for a relaxing time.

We invite you to try our Downtown L.A. Tourist Scavenger Hunt. It is a 2-hour guided walking tour throughout the downtown core of Los Angeles you do on your mobile phone (how it works).  It only costs $30 for your entire group. Moreover, you will enjoy seeing the sights and hidden gems you might have missed otherwise. All this while completing challenges and learning about Downtown L.A.’s history.

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