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5 museums in L.A.’s historical district

5 museums in L.A.’s historical district

Are you planning a visit to Los Angeles? Considering visiting its historical district? In our research to develop a Tourist Scavenger Hunt in Downtown L.A., we came across a lot of information. Some we use exclusively in the actual scavenger hunt, which starts in the historical district, but other we’d like to share with you.

As part of that research, we came across many museums. You can see these museums as you do the scavenger hunt. To enumerate, here are 5 museums in L.A.’s historical district.

5 museums in L.A.’s historical district

  1. Chinese American Museum

    • The Chinese American Museum opened in 2003. Outstandingly, it took 20 years to make this museum happen.
    • It finds itself in Los Angeles Plaza Park, or El Pueblo. It is in fact very near Union Station.
  2. L.A. Plaza de Cultural y Artes

    • This museum presents exhibits dedicated to Mexican-American culture.
    • It is also located in Los Angeles Plaza Park, or the Pueblo, near Union Station.
  3. America Tropical Interpretive ExhibitAmérica Tropical Interpretive Exhibit

    • Located on Calle Olvera, in the very heart of L.A.’s historic center, this museum is a part of the Getty Conservation Institute. Its exhibits explore the mural in its different contexts. It stands as an important document in the history of Los Angeles, as a political statement on the time in which it was created. Further, it represents a monument of the Mexican mural movement of the twentieth century, and for its significant influence on mural artists in Los Angeles.
  4. Sepulveda House Museum

    • The Sepulveda House Museum finds itself on Calle Olvera, in the very heart of L.A.’s historic center. This 22-room Victorian house opened in 1887 in the East lake style. In fact, the original structure included two commercial businesses and three residences. Here you can tour the house in its original decor.
  5. Avila Adobe

    Avila Adobe

    • This museum was once a lived-in adobe, built in 1818. Admission is free, and it is open daily from 9 am through to 4 pm most of the year.
    • Around the interior of Avila Adobe are several rooms depicting life in the early 1800s here. Also, you will also find a number of wall plaques outlining the history of this place.
    • Don Francisco Avila and Maria del Rosario Verdugo, husband and wife, married in 1808, established Avila Adobe in 1818 and lived here until their deaths.

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