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10 Hollywood Theatres not to miss

10 Hollywood Theatres not to miss

When you travel do like to take in a play, a concert or a film? Indeed, there are more than a few Hollywood theatres to see, visit and enjoy.

Whether you are planning a visit Hollywood, or if you live here but haven’t noticed these monuments to see in Hollywood, this list is for you.  In our research to develop a Tourist Scavenger Hunt in Hollywood, we’ve come across much information, some of which can only be gleaned when doing the actual scavenger hunt.

However, we also wanted to share some of that information with you for your visit planning. Here are 10 Hollywood theatres not to miss.

10 Hollywood Theatres you should see

  1. Hollywood Scavenger HuntTCL Chinese Theatre
    • The world-famous Chinese Theatre, built by Sid Grauman in 1927, is a great place to catch the latest movie, ideally, in the main theatre. However, most people come here to see the hand and/or foot imprints of approximately 200 Hollywood stars.
    • The Chinese Theatre served as the backdrop for many scenes in Blazing Saddles (1974) and Singing in the Rain (1952).
    • You will find it located on Hollywood Blvd at Orange Dr. You can take a tour of the theatre or actually see a film here.
  1. Ron Hubbard Theatre
    • Ron Hubbard (1911-1986) was a science fiction novelist and the founder of the Church of Scientology. This theatre, established in 1997, presents radio theatre as it was presented in the 1920s, with an audience. You can attend the presentation of a play read by several actors, who each may play several characters in the story.
    • You will find the L. Ron Hubbard Theatre, on Hollywood Blvd at N.Sycamore Ave. Admittance is $15 for adults, $7.50 for youth and free for children.
  2. Dolby TheatreDolby Theatre
    • Originally named for a previous sponsor, Eastman Kodak (The Kodak Theatre), the name changed in 2012 to Dolby Theatre. This is one of Los Angeles’ most impressive live entertainment venues. ABC broadcasts the Academy Awards ceremony from his theatre every year. The Dolby Theatre hides at the end of an atrium, at the top of a set of stairs. The atrium served to present on many columns the best picture winner of every year the Oscars have been held.
    • The Dolby Theatre nestles itself behind the TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd at Highland, although its huge entrance stands next to it.
  3. The Ricardo Montalban Theatre
    • This is the embodiment of Ricardo Montalban’s (star of Fantasy Island, and Khan in Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan as well as the television episode prequel from the 1960s) dream to provide young people with a place to learn and practice performing arts.
    • There is a full live-action theater as well as rooftop exterior film screenings.
    • The Ricardo Montalban Theatre stands on Vine St below Hollywood Blvd.
  4. Pantages TheatrePantages Theater
    • Originally called the RKO Pantages Theater, this Art Deco live theater venue, opened in 1930. Nowadays, this Theater predominantly presents Broadway musicals since the 1970s. It also hosts a few movie premieres each year, such as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in 2016.
    • You will see the Pantages Theater on Hollywood Blvd at Vine.
  5. Vine Cinema and Alehouse
    • The Vine Cinema and Alehouse is the place to enjoy great films along with good food, beer or wine. This cinema, located on Hollywood Blvd just west of Vine, presents both new releases as well as the classics.
  6. Egyptian TheatreThe Egyptian Theatre
    • This 1922 movie house built by Sid Grauman, the same man who later built the El Capitan and the Chinese Theatre. The American Cinematheque faithfully restored the Egyptian Theatre in 1998, including a large inner courtyard featuring columns and hieroglyphs. Today you can see here classic films on the big screen.
    • The Egyptian is also on Hollywood Blvd near N.McCadden Pl.
  1. The Fonda Theatre
    • This historic 1920 theatre, originally built as Carter De Haven’s Music Box, is today a live music venue hosting acts such as Katy Perry, Radiohead, Stevie Wonder and the Black Eyed Peas to name a few.
    • You will find the Fonda Theatre located on Hollywood Blvd between El Centro Ave and N.Gower St.
  2. El Capitan TheatreEl Capitan Theatre
    • The El Capitan is the 3rd cinema opened by Sid Grauman in the early 20th century. This Theater opened in 1926, one year before the Chinese Theater across the street. Walt Disney Studios now owns this theatre and uses it to showcase its recent productions.
    • El Capitan sits on Hollywood Blvd across the street from the Dolby Theatre.
  3. The Hollywood Bowl
    • You will find this world-renowned amphitheater on Highland a few blocks north of Hollywood Blvd and has a capacity of 17,500 spectators. Here you can enjoy a variety of live arts from jazz to rock, Broadway musicals to stand-up comics.

Side-note about the Hollywood Bowl

At the time of this article’s writing, Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Bennington who took his own life while we were visiting L.A. in July 2017. We were having lunch at Disney’s California Adventure when we learned the news from friends on Facebook. Linkin Park is one of our favorite bands and we had tickets to see them 2 weeks later in Montreal, Canada. Needless to say, this Disney day wasn’t so magical the rest of the afternoon…

Tourist Scavenger Hunts

We invite you to try our Hollywood Tourist Scavenger Hunt. It is a 2-hour guided walking tour throughout the heart of Hollywood you do on your mobile phone (how it works).  It only costs $30 for your group. Moreover, you will enjoy seeing these Hollywood theatres and much more while completing challenges and learning about Hollywood’s history.

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